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Redefine Consulting

Personalized Study Abroad Consulting from #LifeMentors who have actually studied overseas.


Not only an academic consultant, but your life mentors.

How is ASIDU different?

Personalized Consulting

It is at our core belief that every individual is different. The goals are different. The values of different. We respect all of these, so we can have meaningful discussion on academic and career planning with our clients.

Team Follow-up

You don't have an individual assigned to your case, but a whole team with different expertise. This is why we can provide consulting and advices beyond applying schools.

Extensive Planning

It costs millions of dollars to study abroad. This is why a planing of the year ahead is never enough. We start with a 5-year planning at the minimum, so you can see the bigger picture.

Maximize ROI

Spending more than HKD 500,000 yearly on studying abroad, you would like to have the maximum return of investment (ROI). We do too, so we highlight more aspects of return that is beyond a degree.

No experience, No say

ASIDU does not run with the traditional model - hiring a full-time employee who gives advices on a collection of countries. Our consultants are region-specific, because they have the study abroad and living experience there. We are forbidden to give advices on aspects we have no experience in.

Cosmopolitan Team

Each consultant has different walks of life and different experience of studying and living in specific countries. This is what makes our team truly global.

Proud Metrics

Clients Served
Years Disrupted

Your Life Mentors

Studying abroad could likely change your life and your view of life. With ASIDU's global team, you get the maximum out of it. 

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許多家長在為孩子尋找升學顧問時困難重重,不知道該如何挑選才好,畢竟錯誤的選擇對家長、學生來說都是時間和金錢上沉重的代價。以下告訴您幾點...(read more)


Our mission, #LifeMentors