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Tailor-made | ASIDU Premium Services

Enjoy the highest quality services from ASIDU, starting at HKD 499.

  • AS06 - Visa/Legal Consulting from HKD 8,999

    Visa Application: We compile all the required application forms, provide you templates for references, and provide you exceptional cross-checking services to ensure your visa application is successful.

    Mock Interview: To ensure you have the highest chance of visa acceptance, we prepare you with a maximum of 3 mock interviews that would help you to simulate the day of the interview. Our mock interviews are designed to be highly reflective of what you would see the day you enter the embassy.

    Local legal professionals: Our legal advice are not scripts that never update. You receive legal advice from one of our professional legal advisors who actually work in the country you are applying so that you know the latest reliable news of the dynamic legal environment.

    *Type of visas include student visa, work visa, travel visa, working holiday visa, etc.

  • AS07 - Personal Statement Services from HKD 8,999

    Start from Scratch: We provide hand-in-hand guidance, from “What-to-Write” to “How-to-Write”, with you. Our expert team, with the majority having worked in the admission offices at different universities, knows how to write a convincing personal statement, and we help you to do it from scratch.

    Edit and Suggestions: To make sure we actually make progress, we limit the number of edits we provide to three times. Before you start writing your first draft, you would have a kick-off meeting to go through the outline of the essay.

    The maximum word count for the Personal Statement Services is 6,500 words.

    *Additional fees applied when translations and other services occur.

  • AS08 - Professional Consulting & in-house Diagnosis from HKD 2,999

    School Consulting: Let’s be real and honest. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to picking the right school for you. Therefore, our consultants spend the time learning your needs and life goals to give you the best recommendation of the right school just for you.

    Major Consulting: Not everyone has to be a doctor or lawyer to have a happy life. Again, our consulting team spends tons of time to learn who you are and what is important to you to give you the best advice on picking the path that you enjoy.

    In-house Diagnosis: We spent years developing a diagnostic system that is easy to use and provides unique results based on who you are. In fact, our diagnosis system generates over 1 million different combinations of results.

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